I’d Rather Be The Moon (A Poem)

The otherworldly twilight, so beautiful and bright
Is nothing but a candle to the mirror of Son’s light
The harmony of light and life here boldly in the void
The music that He sings into the dark’s chaotic noise

I’d rather be the moon, you see, than star in sable black
To know illuminating warmth and light the sacred night

That all might hold to memory kaleidoscopic day
And know the risen Son returns to set the dark to flight
The enemy is emptiness, a cold, beleaguered gray
While God has moon and lucent Son in His prismatic way
So let me be the moon reflecting Son’s radiant light
Out into the darkness, closer, warmer, than starlight
I’d rather be the […]

The Christmas Truce

He breathed, inhaling the strange concoction of gunpowder, sweat, and crisp, snowy air. No-man’s land, the short gap that stretched between thirty miles of trenches, began only a few inches from his head and served as a constant reminder that he dare not move carelessly or he’d never move again at all.

After twenty-one weeks of fighting in the trenches of France, Frank Richards was all-too-familiar with the sounds of gunfire and shouting, broken only occasionally by an outburst of laughter—a temporary lifting of the spirit reminding him that life was not always like this and that one day this hellish passing of the hours and days might be a […]

3 Must-Read Books (Vol I)

Summer. It means weddings (as I mentioned in my previous post), vacations, baseball, and books. In the South, it also means hiding from the sweltering heat and disease-bearing mosquitoes in your air-conditioned home–which brings me back to books. Safe, meaningful, mosquito-free books. I love (love) to read, and I read a lot. And when the time comes, you know, a time like summer, or winter, or evening, or the restroom, or breathing, I raid my bookshelf.

Now it’s your turn to do the same thing–raid my bookshelf.

This is the first of many in a series where I will recommend three books that I cherish. I’ll tell you a little bit […]

Worship Is A Wedding: Performance & Worship

My band and I played at AtlantaFest over the weekend, and I was on my way home, slowly coasting through the sea of cars leaving Manchester’s Bonnaroo Music Festival, when a thought struck me: it’s summertime. Glorious summertime! And the summer means music festivals or, back when I worked as a Director of Worship Arts in Canada, it meant scrambling to find the one or two musicians who hadn’t caught the troublesome seasonal disease affectionately known as: “the Cottage”. But most importantly, summer means weddings. Or, at least, it used to.

My wife and I are now in a stage of life where the annual wedding invitations are fewer than […]

The Giving Tree

Last night I peeked in my boys’ room — as I do most nights — and I saw my oldest still clinging to the day, awake. He was hanging a brightly-colored hard-cover book over his head at such an angle as to read by the tiniest sliver of light from the hallway. Many times I’ve peeked in only to find this same book laying across his face as he snored. Thankfully he’s a deep sleeper.
My wife and I have always tried to read to our kids before bed, and a favorite of mine has always been The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. In it a tree and a certain […]

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