3 Must-Read Books (Vol I)

Summer. It means weddings (as I mentioned in my previous post), vacations, baseball, and books. In the South, it also means hiding from the sweltering heat and disease-bearing mosquitoes in your air-conditioned home–which brings me back to books. Safe, meaningful, mosquito-free books. I love (love) to read, and I read a lot. And when the time comes, you know, a time like summer, or winter, or evening, or the restroom, or breathing, I raid my bookshelf.

Now it’s your turn to do the same thing–raid my bookshelf.

This is the first of many in a series where I will recommend three books that I cherish. I’ll tell you a little bit […]

Worship Is A Wedding: Performance & Worship

My band and I played at AtlantaFest over the weekend, and I was on my way home, slowly coasting through the sea of cars leaving Manchester’s Bonnaroo Music Festival, when a thought struck me: it’s summertime. Glorious summertime! And the summer means music festivals or, back when I worked as a Director of Worship Arts in Canada, it meant scrambling to find the one or two musicians who hadn’t caught the troublesome seasonal disease affectionately known as: “the Cottage”. But most importantly, summer means weddings. Or, at least, it used to.

My wife and I are now in a stage of life where the annual wedding invitations are fewer than […]

The Giving Tree

Last night I peeked in my boys’ room — as I do most nights — and I saw my oldest still clinging to the day, awake. He was hanging a brightly-colored hard-cover book over his head at such an angle as to read by the tiniest sliver of light from the hallway. Many times I’ve peeked in only to find this same book laying across his face as he snored. Thankfully he’s a deep sleeper.
My wife and I have always tried to read to our kids before bed, and a favorite of mine has always been The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. In it a tree and a certain […]

Is Evangelicalism Jumping The Shark?

The world burst into red and gold sparkling lights as we stepped out of the van. We had arrived.

It was our first time in Las Vegas and we were staying at the ‘legendary’ Four Queens hotel. Bursting through the doors, we dropped our bags immediately. We were on our first real tour and, in classic planes-trains-and-automobiles style we had to move on early the next morning.

So, two hours was all we had. Two hours to get our first glimpse of Sin City. And two hours was all it took to learn a little something about Post-recession Vegas on that first visit.

I learned that you can quickly evaluate the intended […]

Apple Has Learned What The Church Forgot (Spectacle 4.iii)

 They stood and applauded him as he entered the room.

And being the confident young man that he is, he sprang into measured steps filled with an ironic swagger, and grinned jokingly at his new supposed ‘family’ who aimed to make him feel as welcome as they once did.

And as much as he didn’t want to, he felt it. Welcomed, that is. Valuable — as though he truly mattered to these people who were previously nothing more than strangers.

My friend sipped his coffee — as long as I’ve known him he drinks it black — and told me all about how this community was eager to make disciples. They are people […]